Iron Root

Iron Root provides training and analysis services with a difference.

Expert Practitioners

We are expert practitioners in LEAN, LEAN Six Sigma, Risk Analysis, Business Process Management, SAP ERP, Maintenance Management Systems and Root Cause Analysis as applied to industries governed by ISO and API Standards.

Real Training Programs

We feel real training should never end and offer ongoing, flexible, accessible and affordable training programs.

You can't train for a marathon in a 2 day offsite meeting.

Real Improvement Programs

Real excellence grows from roots of iron and a crystal clear view of the realities of the business environment and the value being brought to the market place.

Without a standard there can be no Kaizen.

Iron Root Cause Analysis

Through significant experience with major energy and energy service companies we are expert at providing Failure Analyses of RIg Site Product and Service Delivery Impacts with sound product knowledge of Upper and Lower Completions, Wellbore Cleanup, Casing Exits, Plug and Abandonment and Fishing.

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